Other Activities


Every year, Ryonan Electric Vietnam has an activity to celebrate company's anniversary. Specially, September 29th, 2013 was REVCO's 10th year anniversary. Ryonan Electric Vietnam held 10th year anniversary on Sept 20th, 2013 & had outside travelling to Ha Long Bay on Sept 27-28th, 2013.

This was a special day for all employees in Ryonan Electric Vietnam. Everyone was very excited & happy to welcome this event.

On Sept 20th, 2013, all employees attended the warm party with many unforgetable memories. All employees with working time in Ryonan from 5 years-10 years were  awarded a valuable gift.

In the party, all employees had a chance to view the pictures of company & employees from the beginning date of foundation up to now through slide shows. We felt happily to enjoy this.
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