Internal quality Audit (IQA)

Internal Quality Audit ( IQA) Activities

In order to determine the conformance of  Ryonan electric Viet Nam to ISO 9001-2008, the implementation of documented quality management system standard and assess the effectiveness of QMS standard, we are conducting Internal Quality Audit. We already made the plan to conduct IQA on March every year. But we can increase the time to audit based on the result of our work.We have over 20 highly skilled auditors trained by TUV academy Viet Nam to take part in the audit schedule. 
Audit program procedures should address the following:
- Planning and scheduling audits
- Assuring the competence of auditors and audit team leaders
- Selecting appreciate auditors and assigning their roles and responsibilities
- Conduct audits
- Conducting audit follow up if applicable
- Monitoring the performance and effectiveness of the audit program
- Reporting to top management on the overall achievements of the audit procedure
To start the IQA, the lead auditor will be the one to prepare the audit schedule and after getting approval of director, lead auditor will distribute all copies to all member of audit team and the auditee.
The auditor will be independent with the departement to be audited. 
During audit time, auditor will try to find anything need to improve. We devide the findings to 4 kinds of defect:
- MAJOR NON-CONFORMANCE(S): Absence or breakdown of system; several minors. Non-compliance resulting in probable shipment of NC product resulting to failure / reduced usability for intended use. Noncompliance resulting in failure of the Quality System or to reduce its ability to assure controlled processes and products.
- MINOR NON-CONFORMANCE(S): Not likely to result failure in Quality system or reduce to assure controlled processes and products or result in the probale shipment of Nonconforming product. Failure in the documented quality system /single observed lapse
- OBSERVATION: Not a major or minor nonconformity but results are not optional based on auditors judgement and experience
- SUGGESTION: this is the ideal of the auditor to improve any thing in that department to make the system become better.
Through IQA, we already made our system compeletely day by day and we had so many improvements for our system to meet all the requirements of ISO-9001-2008.
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