Training Action in Ryonan Electric VietNam

Training action is the important part which can not separate in the development Plan of Ryonan Electric Viet Nam
Because Ryonan Electric Vietnam is dedicated in manufacturing wiring harness so Training action is always considered as an important action to improve working skill for all employees in our company.
We have two main training Parts: Training inside in our company, and training outside company
·        With training inside our company: we have a training room to train for all employees who are the new commer or need to improve working skill in work
-         The first training lesson is company regulation: we train about Vietnam labour law, Company regulation, labour contract, salary, allowance, working time, uniform rule, and employee’s responsibility, interests and their obligation.
-         The second training lesson is 3Q5S system: 3Q5S is the programme which is always in foreign Company special in Japan Company. It makes an tidy working environment and systematic
-         Training safety: we have a slogan: “Safety first”. So we train all methods which can prevent, stop and overcome all hazards can happen in the Production process.
-         Our company has also quality policy, quality objectives, vision, mission...they are objective to improve quality product in order to bring the customer the best product, and we train for every one to help them understand their duty in devopment plan of our company.
-         With Production: we train producion rule, material, production process machine, tools and equipment and practice at the same time. We already prepare tools, machine material and they are only used for new worker to practice. We also have a training area for new worker where they can practice to improve their skill before begin working in the production line.
-         Besides, we also have some interesting training courses for employee such as: English training for worker, sub line leader, Japanese training for staff and sub supervisor, communication skill, Genbakaizen training, industrial safety and hygience or awareness training for all workers…
·        Training out side: in April 2007 and April 2008 we had a fact finding trip in Ryonan Electric Philippinse Corporation for sub and supervisor of all department.
Recently, we visited Denso Vietnam Company to study. We also attened in many quality training courses such as: superior skill, management skill, Horenso, Muda…
In the future, our company will have many training courses for all employess to improve their working skill more and more professional to have a part in Development Plan of Ryonan Electric Viet Nam.
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